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Old & Young bookcase. White, wood and brass.
The brown, minimal styled, wood part is inserted in a white old styled furniture. Design is communicate a meaning. #bookcase #designinterior #woodworking n&m
Ok I really struggle with the grid, so all the other shapes become a mess! #superdrawing1o1 #superdrawing1o1day36
I like very much this multi layer hatching technique. I find it very effective. I crosshatch because I made a mess with the orientation of the lines. Next time I want to be more precise. #superdrawing1o1 #superdrawing1o1day18
Probably you are saying "if the subject was an apple, why the hell did he use an orange?"
That's because I want to talk to you about the orange as a design object: Bruno Munari in his book Design as Art (1966) said like this: "The orange is made up of a series of modular containers shaped very much like segments and arranged in a circle around a vertical axis. Each container or section has its straight side flush with the axis and its curved side turned outwards. In this way the sum of their curved sides forms a globe, a rough sphere.
All these sections are packed together in a container that is quite distinctive both as to its material and its colour. Its outside surface is fairly hard, but it has a soft internal lining that serves as padding between the outer surface and the sections packed inside. The material is in origin all of the same type, but it is suitably differentiated according to its function.
Each section or container consists of an envelope of plastic-like material large enough to contain the juice but easy to handle during the dismemberment of the global form. The sections are attached to one another by a very weak, though adequate, adhesive. The outer or packing container, following the growing tendency of today, is not returnable and may be thrown away..."
It will go on but here I don't want to bother you. Hope you like it 🙂 - #superdrawing1o1 #superdrawing1o1day10
The new kills the old 😞 - Cinema Teatro Progresso vs Tigotà. Is this a good progress? #facade #venice #banner #signboard #oldstyle #typography #graphicdesign #design #reflections
Someone waste can be important for others. Carpentry work - Made in Italy #waste #design #texture #blackandwhite #madeinitaly #producttobe
Süd Tirol Door #sudtirol #doors #colors #decorations
NewClassic bookcase. Choosing tre right color nuances and type of wood #colors
What a mess! Chaos is so beautiful #renovation #roma #tiles #texture #madeinitaly #ristrutturare
Shape by work #texture
Fire It Up for #salonedelmobile2018 #ceramic #madeinitaly Here firing te new collection @valdama_
Marble decoration #floor #texture #roma #project #design
Drawings in the sky #pattern
Lovely home interior
Art studio interior
@parcotermalecastiglione - Mid Summer Night Pool - Dreamscape #termae